A Chinese man in Beijing, had been working overtime for an IT firm for over 10 years and rarely had time for himself, but for his parents their biggest worry was he was still single at 35! His matchmaking parents found him a really nice girl and they actually hit it off! Things were happening so well that they were thinking about getting married in the near future. His girlfriend wanted to pamper him in a fish spa for New Year’s Eve. Fish spas have tanks for immersing one’s feet so that fish can nibble away dead skin.

This wasn’t the first time that his girlfriend had tried to get him to a fish spa, but for some reason he was reluctant to go. When he finally relented and entered the spa, he ran to a corner to remove his shoes before wrapping his feet up in a towel. He then immediately immersed his legs into the tank water. The fish surged towards his feet and began to feast.

When the spa owner came to tell him that his session was over, he was shocked to see that all of the fish were floating on the surface of the tank…DEAD! There was also a bad smell of funk, not the music, coming from the water! The spa manager accused him of being a spa fish killer and demanded that he pay up! A crazy argument ensued, until he coyly revealed that he’d not properly washed his feet for the last 10 years because of his overtime! His stinky feet had massacred the fish!

Luckily, his girlfriend didn’t dump him and he promised to work on his personal hygiene, not realizing his stinky feet were lethal enough to destroy a tank full of fish.

Don’t be wrong like our friend. Be aware that stinky feet are far more common than most people know. YOU, or your husband, might also have stinky feet, maybe even bad enough to kill a fish or two (or more). We can help, our “Cinnasoles insoles can save your soles.” Cinnasoles  destroy both bacteria and fungus that most spa fish find deadly. Cinnasoles  are 100% natural and safe, freshen feet, tighten skin, help relieve pain and joint stiffness, soak up sweat and lock away odors.


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