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Moisture Absorbing. Odor Destroying. Comfortable

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. This may sound a tad bit dramatic (it is), but if you’re here, you’ve probably been suffering from stinky feet or shoes for a while now and don’t know what else to do – we understand.

What many “non-stinky feet sufferers” do not know is how awful it can be to have feet that stink to high heavens – just because. You wear the same shoes as others, walk the same distance as them, do the same things they do, but somehow, you’re the one left with stinky feet.

Everyone’s pulling off their shoes at a party to enjoy a nice game, but you can’t. No impromptu bowling, no taking shoes off in a car, and visiting people during winter is a nightmare. In fact, anything impromptu that requires pulling off shoes is not for you!

These reasons and many more are why Cinnasoles were created.

As the stresses and demands of modern day living continue to increase, leaving millions of people on their feet day-in and day-out, shoe odor has been on the rise. Anxious and desperate, many people have turned to poor-quality insoles laden with harsh chemicals that end up doing more harm than good – we have a better option.

By incorporating 100% pure cinnamon powder, a breathable cotton upper and a non-woven base, we have created a natural solution for shoe odor that is effective, economical and smells absolutely delicious. Peace of mind has never smelled so good.

Click here and say goodbye to foot odor forever. Cinnasoles  will save your soles!