Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Are Cinnasoles natural?

A. Yes, they have no harsh chemicals & are made of 100 % Cinnamon.

Q. How do I use Cinnasoles ?

A. Click here to find out.

Q. Do I need to replace my current insoles with Cinnasoles?

A. Yes, all you have to do is take your Cinnasole and place it above your current insole and let Cinnasole do its magic.

Q. Will they fit any shoe?

A. Yes, they fit any shoe.

Q. What’s so special about Cinnasoles?

A. Click here to find out.

Q. How do I choose between Active or Classic?

A. If you are particularly active, you may need an extra dose of odor-fighting action. Runners, police officers, firefighters and anyone else who spends a lot of time on their feet should choose our active version because it goes the extra mile to keep your feet smelling and feeling good all the way, all the time. However, if you are just an ordinary person that wants to fight shoe odor, then classic is for you.

Q. Does Cinnasoles fight fungus?

A. Yes, Cinnasoles can stop the growth of several types of fungus, including yeast.

Q. Does it mask odor?

A. Cinnasoles don’t only mask the odor, they eliminate it.

Q. How long until I receive my Cinnasoles?

A. USA: 3-7 Days.
Worldwide: 14 Days.


Subscription service

Q. Is the subscription plan for me?

A. Auto-Ship Subscription Service is for people who know what they want, when they want it.
And to save money, we highly recommend subscribing so you don’t need to worry about shoe odor again.

Q. Can I cancel the subscription plan?

A. Yes, you can cancel at any time. Contact us here,   & we will help you cancel your Cinnasoles subscription.