How It Works

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Fresh Smelling Feet is Only an Insole Away!


Just place your Cinnasoles on top of your current shoes' insoles, making it very convenient and comfortable. 

Locks Away Odors

Cinnasoles suck up odor over the course of 90 days! Now, you can confidently take off those old shoes and strut proudly.

Soaks Up Sweat

Sweaty shoes turn into smell producing ovens over time, Cinnasoles have an insane amount of odor-absorbing surface area for sucking up bad smells and sweat.

How Cinnamon Promotes Health

Anti-bacterial properties: Cinnamon inhibits bacterial growth, eliminating microbes that can cause skin rashes, irritations or infections.

Fighting fungus: Many foot problems arise from fungal growth that can flourish when sweat is trapped in the warm, enclosed environment of a shoe for a prolonged time. Cinnamon can stop the growth of several types of fungus, including yeast.

Increased freshness: Cinnamon works not just by masking bad odors with a pleasant aroma, but also by killing odor generators such as bacteria.

Tightens skin: For more youthful feet.

Analgesic: Helps relieve pain and join stiffness.

Cinnamon also boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and improve your health.


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If you’re looking to finally say goodbye to feet and shoe odor, with our tested, trusted and 100% risk free cinnamon insole please click the button below to place your order. Cinnasoles will save your soles!